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The Tourism and Service Management Research Laboratory “TourLab” was founded in 2018, belongs to the Department of Organization Management, Marketing & Tourism of the International Hellenic University and is based in Thessaloniki. More detailed information about the organization and operating regulations of the Laboratory are included in the Official Gazette of its establishment (Official Gazette ΦΕΚ 2830/16-07-2018). The Director of the Laboratory is Professor of Tourism Marketing Mr. Evangelos Christou (Government Gazette ΦΕΚ 589/12-10-2018).

The Laboratory collaborates closely with the Master’s Program in the Management of Tourism Business & Organization of the International Hellenic University, which assists in many ways, developing high-level research and educational synergies. The main objective of the TourLab Laboratory is to provide high quality education and produce research in the broader fields of tourism management and service management.

TourLab fully meets the scientific requirements set by the state and the International Hellenic University for higher education research laboratories, and is engaged in the study and research of an interdisciplinary field that promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in the tourism and service sectors which constitute the largest sector of the economy of Greece, contributing almost 30% of the domestic GDP.

The Laboratory has modern infrastructure and is staffed by experienced professors, PhD candidates, researchers and other scientists from Greece and abroad, in order to implement the objectives.

Services offered

The specialized activities and services offered by the Tourism & Service Management Research Laboratory “TourLab” are:

1. The coverage at undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral level of the teaching, research and study needs of the Department of Organization Management, Marketing & Tourism of the International Hellenic University, in matters that fall within its scope of activity.

2. Cooperation with public bodies, organizations, institutes and private companies in Greece and abroad, with the aim of contributing to the study of problems related to the subject matter of the Laboratory.

3. Any form of collaboration with research centers, academic and educational institutions (and their Departments or Schools), postgraduate study programs, other laboratories of Higher Education Institutions and with scientists, domestic or foreign, with goals that coincide or complement each other with those of Laboratory, but also the collaboration with other social and scientific agencies, public services, local government organizations, public benefit organizations, etc., with the aim of contributing to the study of issues related to tourism and service management.

4. The organization of scientific lectures, workshops, seminars, symposia, educational programs of all kinds and other scientific events.

5. Publications and editions.

6. The invitation of Greek and foreign academics and scientists.

7. The implementation of research, educational and development programs in all related fields of its scientific area, independently or in collaboration with other laboratories, faculty members, or Departments of the International Hellenic University, or other educational, scientific, or research institutions as well as with public or private institutions, organizations and businesses, national and international.

8. The upgrading of the teaching methods of the Department of Organization Management, Marketing & Tourism.

9. The development, production and distribution of any form of educational material.

10. The connection of the Laboratory with productive sectors and bodies of the society and the economy, with the aim of promoting its wider scientific goals and giving back to society.

11. The development of products and the provision of services as provided in the P.D. 159/1984 (A’ 53): “Conditions for the provision of services by university laboratories to individuals and organizations of any legal form”, as amended and as applicable.


The Laboratory implements research and study projects both independently and in collaboration with other public and private bodies. Among others, the following research programs implemented by the Laboratory are under development:

  • Development of an integrated mid-term marketing plan for Thessaloniki as a tourist destination, on behalf of the Thessaloniki Tourism Organization.
  • Innovative tool for the development of a personalized travel experience “TripMaker” (Project Code T1EDK-00477) within the framework of the national action “Research-Create-Innovate”, in collaboration with the companies planO2 Consulting Services and Velticom.
  • Terra Mine – tourism development of quarries, within the European cross-border program Interreg V Greece-Bulgaria, in cooperation with the Municipality of Pylaia-Hortiatis, and the Municipality of Madan in Bulgaria.
  • Terra Vino – wine tourism development and strengthening of the wine value chain, within the framework of the European cross-border program Interreg IPA Cross-Border Cooperation, in collaboration with the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Thessaloniki, the Ministry of the Interior (Macedonia-Thrace Sector), and the Rosoman Municipality of North Macedonia.

The Laboratory serves research, study and teaching needs in the broader subject of “Tourism and Service Management” and in particular in matters related to:

  • management of tourist businesses and organizations,
  • management of tourist destinations,
  • administration of tourism agencies and organizations,
  • marketing of tourist businesses and tourist destinations,
  • management and training of human resources in tourism,
  • information technology and communications, and e-business for tourism businesses and operators of tourist destinations,
  • research methodologies and market research in tourism,
  • innovation and entrepreneurship in tourism,
  • tourism policy and development,
  • strategic management of tourism businesses and destinations,
  • tourism sociology and anthropology,
  • special and alternative forms of tourism,
  • financial management in tourism,
  • hospitality management,
  • transport and travel management,
  • gastronomy and food,
  • foreign languages,
  • management of service enterprises,
  • administration of public and private bodies and organizations providing services,
  • administration of educational units,
  • of service marketing.


TourLab is staffed by members of the Department of Organization Management, Marketing & Tourism of the International Hellenic University and its operation is also supported by the members of the Special Teaching Staff (EDIP) as well as members of the other scientific and administrative staff of the Department, while there are employed in it both undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department.

Members of the Laboratory are the following members of D.E.P. and E.D.I.P. of the Department of Organization Management, Marketing & Tourism:

  • Evangelos Christou, Professor (Laboratory Director)
  • Spyros Avdimiotis, Associate Professor (Deputy Director of the Laboratory)
  • Chrysoula Chatzigeorgiou, Professor
  • Fotis Kilipiris, Professor
  • Panagiotis Kassianidis, Associate Professor
  • George Skoufas, Associate Professor
  • Antonis Giannopoulos, Assistant Professor
  • Athena Mouradidou, Assistant Professor
  • Ioanna Simeli, Assistant Professor
  • Anthia Bakalbassi, Lecturer
  • Asterios Koutalis, EDIP (Special Teaching Staff)
  • Konstantinos Nerantzis, EDIP (Special Teaching Staff)
  • George Linaroudis, PhD Candidate
  • Panagiota Dichala, PhD Candidate
  • Panagiota Tzouvaleki, PhD Candidate
  • Maria Karalazarou, PhD Candidate

Contact details

Postal address:

Tourism & Service Management Laboratory “TourLab”, International Hellenic University, Department of Organization Management, Marketing & Tourism, P.O. Box 141, Thessaloniki, GR57400, Greece

tel: +30-2310-013450